Happy Winter Solstice

Happy Winter Solstice everyone! Winter solstice marks the shortest day/longest night of the year. In Chinese households, we celebrate with tong yuan (not exactly sure why…maybe to represent the moon?). Tong yuans are basically glutinous rice¬†flour balls in a soup of sorts. There are so many different ways to have them. They can be served … More Happy Winter Solstice

Fun Halloween Treats

I am not big on dressing up for Halloween but I am definitely down to celebrate with some cool Halloween treats. Here are a few simple ones you can try. Bloody Cups¬†(Vegan + Gluten-Free) – A twist on the classic chocolate/peanut butter cup which seems to be a favorite among many. It looks deliciously sinister … More Fun Halloween Treats

Tricolor Pasta Salad

Sometimes on hot summer days, when you don’t want to be bother with intensive cooking, pasta salad is a great simple dish to go with for lunch or dinner. It would be great for a picnic or summer potluck too. It’s so simple, you can go with whatever you want in it. Ingredients: A lb … More Tricolor Pasta Salad

From the land or sea…

So for 4th of July, I went over to my cousins and we had 3 different types of protein: turkey, salmon, and chicken. Turkey burgers: Ingredients: 1/4 cup¬†chopped green onions 2 tablespoons¬†fresh orange juice 1 tablespoon¬†low-sodium soy sauce 1 pound¬†ground turkey breast Cooking spray 4¬†(1 1/2-ounce) whole wheat hamburger buns 4 tomato slices Makes 4 … More From the land or sea…