The Moon Shines Brightly Tonight…

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone!

It’s been a while… I’m still busy with work so I’m not back at blogging completely yet.
I just wanted to check in with everyone and see how everyone was doing.

Tonight is the Mid-Autumn Festival. This holiday is held on the night of the full moon (this year is extra special with it being a Blood Moon!) on the 15th day of the eighth month of the Lunar calendar. It’s to gather friends and family to celebrate and give thanks for the harvesting of another season of crops.

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Tradition calls for mooncakes to be eaten during the festival. I have never gotten into eating them; I just do not enjoy the taste. But my parents love traditional mooncakes with lotus paste and salted egg yolk filling.

As i was looking for recipes for homemade mooncakes, I came across this very interesting, decidedly nontraditional one Prosciutto and Dates mooncake. I look forward to trying this one out when I get my weekends back. 😉

Hope everyone gets to enjoy tonight with friends and family, with mooncake or not. And check out that moon!

Til next time,

9 thoughts on “The Moon Shines Brightly Tonight…

  1. Out here in Singapore the variety of mooncake fillings is insane – there’s chocolate (good), green tea (excellent), durian (acquired taste), foie gras (uhhhh)… can’t wait to see the prosciutto and dates one though!


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