A Visit Inside the Pages of “Fun Home” Leaves You Wanting More



I love reading memoirs. I find them fascinating because you’re seeing the world through the eyes of someone else. You get to go on this journey to uncover the “truth” about their life. With a well-written one, you see the writer at their greatest and at their worst. Fun Home in particular is interesting because it’s a graphic memoir. The author, Alison Bechdel (yes of the Bechdel test), is a cartoonist. Fun Home succeeds in telling her story with both well-crafted images and words. At the heart of this memoir, it’s about a daughter trying to understand her father as she learns more and uncovers more of the secrets he had kept when he was alive. I think Bechdel has a unique sense of humor that shines through each panel of the book even when dealing with some serious and depressing issues. There is actually a Broadway musical based on the book. It recently won 5 Tony Awards which includes the award for Best Musical. I plan on watching, as soon as I can find tickets for a reasonable price.

I definitely recommend this unique read if you’re looking to put together a reading list for the summer.

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