Eggs-cellent meal at Olivier Bistro

Brunch is my favorite meal during the weekends. The only downside is a lot of places have long waits. The wait to get a table at Olivier Bistro wasn’t that bad on a Saturday around 11/11:30am. It was after being seated that the wait got almost unbearable, more on that later…


The food at Olivier’s was pretty good. I am more of a savory gal when it comes to my entrée and then I like to split something sweet on the side with my friends, usually either pancakes or waffles.

We all got some eggs in our dishes. I looove eggs in all forms: scrambled, sunny side up, over easy, poached, hardboiled, baked, as omelet, quiche, etc. Seriously all forms. When I was younger though, raw egg yolk squicked me out. But now I love popping that yolk and dipping my toast in it.


I ordered the Feuillete De Tomate ($14), which was a puff pastry with tomato marmalade, olives, anchovies, and goat cheese topped off with a poached egg. I really enjoyed the dish except for the anchovies which was extremely salty and the frisee was too bitter for me. The tomato marmalade was exquisitely sweet and paired well with the goat cheese. The egg was perfectly poached. The puff pastry was… puff pastry lol great except for some burnt part around the edges.


M got the La Tartine D’Olivier ($14.50) which was grilled country bread with Brisket au jus and an over easy egg with hollandaise sauce. I tried a bit of it and the brisket was really good with the au jus. M seemed happy with his dish.


B got the Eggs Norvegiene ($13) which was smoked salmon with poached eggs and hollandaise on an English muffin and fries on the side. I didn’t try this but he finished it off so it was probably good. The poached egg look nicely done like it was on my dish.

So the food at Olivier Bistro was good but considering there are so many places for me to try, I don’t know if I would return. The food was good but service was pretty shabby. It seemed like there was only one person working the whole front of house with one busboy. Not sure if the guy was the boss or not. But the food took a while to get to us. M only got one coffee refill (the horror!). And the guy suddenly left the place after he received a phone call. He came back before we were done but it took awhile for us to get the check. If you’re in the neighborhood and don’t mind less than stellar service, Olivier Bistro is a decent place for brunch. They seem to have a great dinner menu too. But I wouldn’t go out of my way for this again.

What are your favorite brunch dishes? Do you like savory or sweet more? Please let me know in the comments.

Til next time,

Olivier Bistro
469 4th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 1215

*Photos courtesy of M

7 thoughts on “Eggs-cellent meal at Olivier Bistro

  1. That sucks about the service, but the pictures of the dishes you’ve posted look amazing i really love how the dish is presented in the first picture. It seems the one thing that were egg-cellent were in fact the eggs, I’m pretty fussy with eggs myself and only tasted poached eggs this yr for the first time!


  2. Sorry I was expecting a baby that week and my compagne didn’t answer for more then 3 hours I had to run home to make sure they were ok . Family Priority come first.
    Thank you for your review and would I loved to have you again


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