Bad Habits – Part II

So the other part of my bad habits includes me sitting too much, spending too much time on my laptop, and not sleeping enough.

My job basically involves me sitting at a desk for most of the day, then when I get home, I pretty much continue to sit for the rest of the day. Being sedentary for much of the day is bad for your health. Now I try to take a two minute walking break every hour at work; whether it’s going to the bathroom or going to make a cup of tea, just a brief stretch and walk should be fine.

Again, I spend most of my workday on the computer and then on my laptop when I get home. I would do the same as with the sitting situation, just take little breaks every hour; get up, stretch a bit and rest your eyes a little. After work, try to go for a walk or head to the park for a change of scenery. Break up the monotony of going on the laptop and doing things online by reading a book or magazine or listening to music. I’ll spend some time playing with my cat (if he’s up for it, the little bugger).

Bad habits are such because they are something that has been ingrained in you over long periods of time. They are not something that can be undone overnight. You just have to take small steps towards changing them one choice at a time. Overall, be mindful of these choices and whether they will help you achieve your goals or not.

What bad habits do you have and how do you think you can go about changing them? If you guys have any tips to share, please go ahead and put it in the comments. Thank you.

Til next time,

3 thoughts on “Bad Habits – Part II

  1. Hi Wendy, I have the same problem/bad habit as you. 😦 What I did to fight it was buy a fitness tracker (Vivofit2) that alarms when I sit too much or stay still for too long. Having an alarm to remind me to walk and count my steps (daily goal of 10,000) definitely helped me a lot and motivated me to be more physical. 🙂


  2. I definitely have the same problem majority of my spare time is spent sitting down in front of my laptop, while i do take some small breaks always to walk around a little it definitely isn’t enough and i need to snap out of always turning to the laptop during spare time and do something more constructive or something that wont boggle me down and allow me to clear my head a lot more. I’ll be looking out for you figure out more constructive ways i can spend my spare time, i do spend some of it playing with my little bugger of a cat too hehe.


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