A New Path

Hello again everyone!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I started this blog as a way to document a new chapter in my life. There are some huge changes I want to make. I didn’t delve into this in my first post as I didn’t want to bog down everything in my intro. So brace yourselves for my upcoming verbal diarrhea.

Professionally I am thinking of switching careers. I don’t really want to get into specifics of what/where I currently am working in case there’s any chance anyone at my firm comes upon this. Just know that like I said in my first post, it is not where I see myself long-term. I want to be clear that I do feel lucky to have had this job (since my graduation) because I know how new graduates these days still have trouble finding work. There were positives about the job yet ever since I started, I had a gut feeling it would not last.

At first I attributed this to just me being new to a full-time job. I told myself ‘of course you are going to need time to adapt and learn’. So although that first year was quite stressful for me, I dealt with it without giving it too much thought. As the next few years went on, I still had stressful periods even going so far as to look into other companies and planned on leaving. But I had great reviews at work and got a great raise so I stuck around again, hoping things would get better. And for a while I did get into a groove and felt more confident about the future. However, before long this groove has turned into a rut. I didn’t want to leave because I was scared of giving up something so stable. I didn’t want to feel like I wasted years at this. But now I know I can’t let myself waste anymore.

I can’t exactly pinpoint the moment when I finally reached this breakthrough. But I just know I cannot fool myself any longer. I cannot let fear of an unknown future keep me chained to a place that chips away at me the longer I stay.

Now I am thinking about pursuing a career as a nutritionist or registered dietitian. As for why… there are many different reasons, some I can’t even quite articulate. One is because I want to change my lifestyle in terms of improving my health. I think by educating myself more in this area, it would really help and that by pursuing a career in it, I can talk the talk and walk the walk. Also, it’s a profession that I feel can really change and impact someone’s life. I can help more people than I do now in my current field. Of course there is still so much research I have to do and things to look into before making any concrete plans. This blog is just one of the steps I am taking in order to do so.

The few friends and family that I have told about my plans have been pretty supportive. Still, most of them have questioned and cautioned me to make sure that this is indeed the path I want to take. I definitely understand and am grateful for their concern. At this point, even I do not know for certain that this is what I want to do. If you consider the fact that the field I’m currently in is one I thought I was certain I wanted when I was in college, my track record has not proven to be the greatest.

But I choose to look at it this way: I may not be certain that nutrition and food science is something I will love as a career for my future but what I am CERTAIN about is that I do not have passion for what I am currently doing. It might be crazy, but I think it is worth it to give up something I’m certain I do not love for something I could potentially love. Unless I try, I won’t know right? And I rather try now when I’m still young then 10 or 20 years down the road when I might be too broken down to even bother anymore. So at the moment, I will continue to research about potential schools and programs that I can pursue.

Regardless of what I will end up doing professionally, I will still have to work on my changing my personal lifestyle. This is actually more important than worrying about what I may or may not work as in the future as this affects my health. Currently, my inactive lifestyle coupled with really bad eating habits has left me with some health issues. Although I have not confirm this, I have a feeling I might actually be pre-diabetic. What I do know from my last doctor’s check-up is that I am apparently vitamin-deficient and have the lungs of a 40-something instead of a fit mid-20s gal I should be. x_x Also according to my BMI, I am overweight and skirting dangerously close to the obese level. I have so little energy these days. It doesn’t take much physical exertion to get me tired. I would say that a huge part of my mental exhaustion stems from this. So it is affecting me in many ways.

This is a far cry from my younger years. Growing up, I was always very skinny. My grandma and others were always telling me to eat more. As I got older in my teens, people even made comments asking if I was anorexic or not. Back then when I ate, I never thought about the nutrition or lack thereof of anything I was putting in my body. As I have gotten older, my habits have gotten worse and my metabolism has slowed down substantially. Not a good combo. The changes I want to make in life is not about losing weight (although that would be a great bonus and I certainly wouldn’t mind my belly being smaller). It’s about being able to do the things I want to do because I am healthy enough to take on new challenges. It’s about being able to wake up and feeling energetic enough to take on a new day.

Some changes are surely needed. This is where the blog really comes in. It will help me track my progress and keep me accountable for the pledge I have made to myself. Of course there will be ‘missteps’ here and there along the way. I hope I won’t let these discourage me as easily as they have done in the past. At the end of the day, it’s up to me to make the choices that will let me be the best me I can be.

Whew, the verbal diarrhea is worse than I thought. Hope you made it through this whole thing without falling asleep!

Til next time,



One thought on “A New Path

  1. I feel I can relate to this blog post a lot, you know how I was studying psychology then I changed courses to study film then I changed courses yet again to study media and communications, and the other day I saw another interesting course. I think maybe with out generation there are too many options available and its hard deciding what you wanna do for the rest of your life. But I know you can’t be happy in your job if your not interested in your work, you have to do whatever interests you or whatever you love doing to have a happy healthy life. But food definitely plays a big role and I believe if I ate better foods, I would not be mentally exhausted like you all the time so I look forward to future food recommendations from you.


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